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How to Order Your Site From

We have made ordering this package easy and painless.
In many cases we can have you on the net in just a few days.

Simply send us by e-mail,

  1. The sample number you picked.
  2. The text you want to appear. Think of this as an online brochure of your company. Some ideas for information to include;
    product descriptions, business history, what separates you from your competitors, manufacturing expertise, material used, endorsements from current clients etc.
    Basically, why should someone deal with you!
  3. Attach to the e-mail, in a .jpg or .gif file format, your company logo and any pictures that you may wish to use. Not sure what a .jpg or .gif file is? Click the link to FAQ's.
  4. A slogan or catch phrase, if you use one.
  5. Please include your most up to date contact information, phone, fax, e-mail etc.

We will do the rest!

In a few days we will e-mail you a temporary site location for you to view your site and a copy of your invoice. Upon recite of your payment, your site will be posted for the entire Internet community to see.

Looking for More?

  • Sample Changes and Custom Built Sites,
    Contact us by e-mail or phone to inquire on having changes made to your sample choice or if you would like a custom built site. We would be happy to work with you to develop a site that reflects your style and personality.
  • Need some help pulling this all together?
    Don’t have the time to put the info together? We can do it for you! Send us your current marketing information, brochures, product literature etc. and we will quote you on developing the text for you.

Questions or Concerns?
Contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any questions. The Internet is changing constantly and can be quite intimidating. We will do our best to explain the technology and see if we can't get the Internet to work for you!


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